Isolation 101: TO DO LIST

What will we do with all this free time?! As we are all start to hunker down and keep within our 'bubbles' of this isolation process, many people are filled with stress & anxiety of uncertain times for their health & financial stresses. But being vigilant about our hygiene & safety for ourselves and others is all we can really do. So why not utilise this time to relax, realise your potential & do the things you've always wanted to but 'never had the time'? Being a business owner, I am eternally grateful the assistance the NZ government has promptly stepped up to provide us with - A huge relief to business owners all across the country I am sure! If you are feeling stressed about your financial situation, I urge you not to as we are so lucky that the govt will be making many exceptions during this time in regards to finances and will be boosting regular payments to those families receiving the benefit also. I personally intend on maximising my downtime, starting with a few household tasks, planning on reading & listening to audio books, honing in on a few beauty skills, up-skilling, learning some new things on YouTube, lounge-room yoga & dance fit (haha), walking the dog, doing arts, work on my business plan & catching up with many family & friends via video chats and a bottle of Sauv. So I challenge you to go sit somewhere quiet for 10 minutes and write yourself a list. If you can't think of ideas, I always find it helpful to put on a quick 10 min 'Motivational Meditation' on YouTube, grab a pen and paper and watch the ideas flow in. If you're still feeling flat, go for a solo walk..... there's something about the oxygen to the brain and the peace and quiet being alone with your thoughts that brings such clarity and calm to the mind. I am extremely lucky to live right by beautiful Mount Maunganui Beach, which is my favorite walking spot, but anywhere will do! As long as your alone... if you go with company your thoughts become distracted and interrupted. Don't listen to music while you do this either ,for the same reason. There are endless things we can do to fight the boredom - and many of you will have families to entertain, so why not play games together, cook, watch movies together, make arts and crafts, play some backyard sports to name a few. We are SO lucky that we live in modern times where we have the luxuries of social media & video chat, where it is so easy to stay connected & don't have to go this alone. So change your thinking - use this time for something positive and see what can be achieved! Stay safe & healthy,

- Estelle x

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